Police community after another Avoca crash

A THIRD collision involving drivers failing to follow traffic signs in Avoca has seen local police issue a call-out for drivers to remain vigilant.

An Avoca man was conveyed to Ballarat Base Hospital to check for injuries after his vehicle was hit by a Melbourne driver, who failed to stop at the stop sign at the junction of the Pyrenees and Sunraysia Highways, travelling from Ararat just after 2pm on Tuesday.

Upon colliding with the Avoca man, the Melbourne man’s car flipped onto its side and has since been written off.

Considerable damage was caused to the Avoca man’s car, though authorities believe it is repairable.

The man has received a penalty notice for failing to stop at the junction and both he and his female companion were taken to Ballarat Base Hospital to check for injuries.

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This incident is the third of similar description in as many weeks.

This comes just two weeks after a woman was trapped in her vehicle, requiring SES assistance, after a similar incident at the intersection.

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