Driver’s lucky escape on Western Highway

Police and SES at the scene.

A BEAUFORT DRIVER has escaped with no serious injuries after his vehicle was by a truck heading into Beaufort on the Western Highway.

The driver had slowed down to 60km/hr when his vehicle was hit from behind just after 6pm on Monday night.

Upon being hit, the driver veered off to the left-hand side where he hit a culvert and flipped the car.

The driver was not trapped and escaped without any injuries.

Local police, CFA and the SES attended the scene and managed the flow of traffic in both directions for about an hour after the incident.

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The truck driver will be interviewed for careless driving after failing to slow down to the 60km/hr speed limit and will receive a penalty.

Beaufort police were also called to a crash along the Beaufort-Skipton Road on Monday where a vehicle had collided with the side-railing after swerving to avoid a kangaroo.

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