About the Pyrenees Advocate

The Pyrenees Shire is located approximately 150 kilometers from Melbourne and is nestled between Ballarat, Ararat and Maryborough.

The Shire was first settled in the 1850’s by those seeking to capitalize on the goldrush which swept the region.

Today, the region is better known for fine wool and wine, wind farms, beef and cereal production and tourism.

The Shire boasts two of Australia’s largest wind farms, located at Waubra (128 turbines) and Stockyard Hill (149 turbines) which adds millions of dollars a year to the local economy.

Two main towns service Pyrenees Shire.

Beaufort is the location of the Pyrenees Shire Council headquarters and also boasts a productive retail precinct which includes hotels, cafes, retail, craft and banking.

To the North, Avoca offers residents access to retail, cafes, banking, hotels and motels with businesses aimed at the large tourism sector around the Pyrenees Wineries.

The Pyrenees Ranges offer a large range of activities, camping sites, four-wheel driving, bush walking, hiking, dirt bike riding throughout the Shire.

Pyrenees Shire has been identified as a popular “tree change “location for city residents looking for a more relaxed and fulfilled lifestyle.

Residents enjoy a multitude of recreational interests ranging from swimming, tennis, football, cricket, bowls, petanque, croquet, golf, netball, monthly markets, horse racing, arts and crafts and a growing Pyrenees Historic Vehicle Club.

The population within the Shire is continuing to grow, in a climate- where other country areas are declining.

The 2020 Census reported there are 7,555 residents within the Shire boundaries.